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Automatic Drive Gates

Homes and offices without automatic drive gates have had their owners and guests endure unnecessary sufferings for years. Accessing manual gates have always required someone to get out of the car, open the gate, and close it. It is tiring if you got to do time and time again in the one day. You should have been driving in style. Turn your drive gates into automatic ones. With this, you simply hold out the remote…et viola! The gate opens like magic.

But more than the comfort and the unquestionable "James Bond" sense of style, having automatic driveway gates is more practical and provides better security. It wouldn't be a surprise if more in your neighborhood will soon have this techie addition to their homes. Wouldn't it be a privilege if you have it before it becomes the industry standard?

Automatic Drive Gates for Convenience and Security

Many residential and commercial gates in the Baltimore and Washington area are still manually operated. The problem with this is that they are less secured since padlocks can be easily broken and locks can be easily deciphered. Of course, never forget that operating them is really tiring.

Automatic drive gates provide easier and more comfortable driving experience while making sure that the entire system is hard, if not impossible, to decode.

The complicated mechanical or hydraulic systems that make the gate automated are the only difference between automated gates to the manual ones. Physically, these gates look the same. They can be anything—from the typical wrought-iron gates to castle-like wooden gates.

However, certain limitations on the choice of operators will emerge after choosing the gate. For example, swing gates can have one of the three operators—swing arm, a ram arm, or an underground operator. Slide gates can be operated with a chain or a plastic/metal rack that is attached across the gate. In comparison, swing gates are safer because they are lighter and less complicated. But sliding automatic drive gates can provide more security features and less noise when being operated.

Our Expertise

Want to add automatic drive gates to your property? Let Automatic Gates LLC handle this project. Installing automatic driveway gates in Baltimore and Washington areas is our expertise. We have been doing this for over 20 years. It doesn't matter whether you already have a gate or it still has to be installed. We can install new automatic driveway gates for you or can attach the perfect devices that will transform your manual gate to be automatic. We can even use environmentally friendly products like solar powered drive gates.

It also doesn't matter whether these gates are for residential or commercial needs. We have experience installing the perfect automatic drive gates for homes, offices, business establishments, and even for government facilities. Our excellent portfolio is also owed to our industry partners like LiftMaster Professional, DoorKing, Transmitter Solutions, American Access Systems, and HySecurity.

It's time to enjoy a more stylish driving experience and have better peace of mind after installing automatic drive gates or transforming the manual gates to automatic ones. The gate will be opened on your command. No more tiring manual operation. Best of all, unauthorized access will be more complicated and almost impossible for burglars.