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Chain Link Gates

Do you want to secure your area from possible intruders without hurting your budget? If you say yes, then a chain link gate is what you need. Chain link gates are easy to install but these are durable and reliable in improving the safety of a property. In fact, many commercial properties opt to install chain link gates to create yard containment and establish property boundary.

Automatic Gates LLC is an established Maryland company who can install high quality chain link gates. Our company is known for providing security related services to residential, commercial, and government properties in and out of the state. We also offer added features to our installations to ensure that the needs of the clients will be addressed in the best way possible.

Diverse Purposes of Chain Link Gates

Chain link gates may be simple in design but they are durable and used for varied purposes. This type of gate is generally considered as the best option for practicality. Chain link gates can be seen in many areas in Baltimore and Washington. Many industrial units, schools, private properties, and homes rely on chain link gates. Below are some of the reasons why they choose the wire mesh system.

  • Industrial units: Chain link gates are usually coupled with chain link fencing in industrial properties. This is the most practical option in securing the property as compared to other types of gates and fencing.
  • Schools: Many schools prefer to use chain link gates as these are very helpful in keeping children inside the school premises.
  • Land enclosures: This type of gate is commonly used in sports facilities because of its strong and durable wire mesh. Chain link gates can go as high as 6 feet so it is very ideal to be installed in such areas.
  • Homes: Because of its practicality both in functions and in price, many homeowners opt to install chain link gates in their properties as well.
  • Enclosure for pets: The use of mesh gates is also very ideal for pet enclosures.

Chain link gates are also preferred by others because of its lower installation and maintenance cost. It does not require frequent maintenance as compared to other type of gates.

Three Types of Chain Link Gates

Whether you have a wide space or a limited space in your property, you can definitely opt for a chain link gate. Space is not a problem as this type of gate is not only simple and functional, this is also very flexible. If you want a gate that will only allow one person to pass through, you can get the walkthrough type of chain link gates. This can measure up to 48 inches wide.

If you have a small space then you can opt for sliding gate entrance. Opening and closing sliding chain link gates can be done manually or automatically. The last type is commonly used for industrial purposes, and this is called the swing chain link gate entrance.

Chain Link Gates Installation by Smith

If you are not yet familiar with chain link gates, Automatic Gates LLC can help you choose the best type. We offer pre-made chain link gates that will simply be installed in your property as well as customized ones to match your requirements. The chain link gates we install are durable and guaranteed to last for years.