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Complete Facility Solutions

Having automatic drive gates is not only a step ahead for comfort but also for security. Simply hold out the remote to control the gate. That is comfort. But the gate cannot be opened by just pressing one button. A secret PIN code must also be entered. Now that's better security.
While this is okay, it would be better if there are more security solutions for your home and other facilities. Choose our complete facility solutions.

Improved Gate Security

It's a great option for homes to have automated gates. But if you want more sense of security, then more devices must be added. Besides the remote control and the PIN code, why not add more control devices for higher level of security? A device that requires swiping of digital cards will be perfect for offices. For home, keypad access controls are the best choice for keyless but equally secured access. Homes and offices will enjoy better security and that sleek appeal with added telephone intercom systems.

Facilities that require higher level of security can take advantage of state-of-the-art devices that are capable of fingerprint identification, speech recognition, and facial recognition. Multi-biometrics and photo-eye access sensors will also add extra security for automated gates and doors.

We recommend using at least two security solutions for automated drive gates. The more devices used, the tougher the security is.

Advanced Surveillance/Security Cameras

Installation of surveillance or security cameras are included in our complete security solutions for facilities. The ever popular closed-circuit television or CCTV technology have been the choice since the idea came into the market. But there are a lot of limitations to this old system like incomprehensible images and expensive keep-up. Today, there are more sophisticated video recording solutions that are not only highly advanced but also more cost efficient.

Added video features like video analytics and facial surveillance have transformed the entire system into a more dependable security solution for facilities. Newer surveillance cameras today can save more videos without using a bulky storage device. Best of all, these security cameras can work just like an Internet-connected computer. The Internet connection has permitted distant control of these cameras. You can now control, watch, capture videos in real time, or browse through old video files even if you are far from the facility. All that's needed is another computer or mobile phone that can also connect to the Internet. This security camera system is an integral part of our complete facility security solution.

Complete Security Solutions Just For You

The perfect security solution for home is different for business establishments and government offices. Automatic Gates LLC will devise a plan for the perfect and complete security solution just for you. It doesn't matter if it will be for a humble home or for the biggest soon-to-open mall in Baltimore or Washington area. With more than 20 years of experience, we have already installed complete facility security solutions to countless clients. And we're talking about the most common to the most complex security solutions.

It's time to boost the safety of your home or business. All it takes is a call. We'll promptly survey your area and recommend the appropriate security solutions for your property.