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Keypad Access Control

Burglary in USA happens every 14 seconds, according to the FBI. That's a whooping 6,100 burglaries every day. Washington and Baltimore are never exempted. Now is the perfect time to switch to a tougher lock—consider the keypad access control. Homes account for 70.3% of the total burglaries. This doesn't mean that offices, warehouses, and other commercial properties are safe. Never take chances.

Advantages of Keypad Access Control

Gates, doors, and other entryways are commonly secured by a lock. This is a special mechanism equipped with complicated engineering so that only its key can open it. Our world has been using the lock-and-key combination for centuries but this type of lock is never perfect. Professional burglars are well-trained in decoding this same old system. That is why newer lock systems were developed. One of these is the keypad access control system.

As the name implies, this lock system can be unlocked by encoding a specially selected number combination. Since this is a keyless system, no more cases of lost keys. As long as you know the code, you can get access. Take note that you can also change the code whenever necessary.

Accessing a home or office is only restricted to those who know the special code. But if this is still an unsecured system for you, then choose a keypad lock that requires additional unlocking mechanism like a digital ID card or fingerprint. Some of them will also need a key as additional security.

So whether you want keyless access or a more secured protection, a keypad access control system can be your perfect choice. But just like investing on other types of locks, never get just any keypad locks.

Choosing the Best Keypad Access Control System

Not all keypad access control locks were created equal. Never go for the cheapest lock in the market. Remember, you get what you pay for. Your property and life depends on how secured the locks are. Investing a little more on a durable lock will prove to be worthwhile.

At Automatic Gates LLC, we only use the top security products in the market. We have been securing residential, commercial, and government establishments for more than 20 years. During those years, we only stick to our most trusted brands that never failed to satisfy our customers. DKS DoorKing, American Access Systems, FAAC, and EMX Industries Inc. are only some of our industry partners.

We use nothing but the best pick for your security needs. If you already have an existing door knob, we can simply attach a separate keypad access control. But we usually recommend replacing the old lock system with a more advanced device. Besides better security, this is also a more aesthetically pleasing option.

Your Safety is our Priority

Our team is also an expert in installing keypad access control system for garages, warehouses, gates, and more. Each of these spots is unique and needs a different approach on securing safety. Luckily, the market offers a wide variety of locks to choose from. The choices can be overwhelming. These can be trimmed down by determining your preferences. We will guide you in choosing the best keypad access control system for your property.