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Preventative Maintenance Agreements

For 20 years, we have been installing automatic drive gates, chain link gates, keypad access control systems, telephone intercom systems, and many others to ensure safety of residential, commercial, and government facilities. But we have to admit that they are never invincible to damages even if we guarantee their quality. There will come a time that repair and maintenance is needed. We know that these devices are as important as life. They need to work perfectly fine all the time. Their failure will mean compromising safety. Automatic Gates LLC offer preventive maintenance agreements to avoid these problems.

What is Preventive Maintenance?

As the name implies, preventive maintenance is a planned servicing for devices or equipment to ensure satisfactory operation, correct failures before they happen, and avoid any unplanned maintenance tasks. This is practiced in all industries and even in all aspects of life. Cars are commonly backed up with preventive maintenance. You know that tires will need changing after a few years or oil must be changed once in three to six months. Driving performance, riding comfort, and overall safety will suffer when these are not done on time.

The same principle applies to security devices. Simple maintenance services can go a long way. Wiping dusts on a dome camera once a month or checking the security camera's angle once a week will ensure that it can catch the best quality of images possible. If everyone does this, then crimes and criminals captured on video will be clearly identified.

Regular Maintenance and their Benefits

Many establishments and homes in Baltimore and Washington area have spent thousands of dollars for their security, only to leave the maintenance to chances. Remember that these devices are not set-and-forget. They need to be constantly checked and maintained to ensure that they are still and will continue to render satisfactory service for the longest possible time.

Security devices that do not receive their fair share of regular maintenance service often completely break down earlier than expected. Well-maintained devices, on the other hand, are still working like brand new after surpassing their estimated lifespan. Therefore, it is better to have a regular maintenance plan than spend thousands of dollars for early replacement.

Preventive Maintenance Agreement with the Experts

A preventive maintenance agreement with Automatic Gates LLC will give you an assurance that these security devices are working flawlessly all the time. You will never know when a break in or crime will happen. But you can always be sure that when it does, it will be clearly captured on a video or that the alarms will be certainly turned on.

Our 20 years in the industry have taught us about the importance of a maintenance plan. This is the reason why we highly encourage our clients to sign up for our preventive maintenance agreements. We know that every establishment has a different need so we will tailor a maintenance plan that will fit to that need. With this agreement, you are assured that all the security devices around your home or business establishment will be checked on a regular basis.

Even if you need repair right away, we will be there. We have a team of expert technicians who are always ready to serve anywhere in Baltimore or Washington.