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Solar Drive Gates

Gates are made to protect our homes and business. Solutions are continually being developed allowing these gates to be more useful additions to your property rather than bulky obstructions. Automatic drive gates are an example.

However, a lot of homeowners are discouraged to purchase electric gates because power consumption is an issue. A very effective solution to this is using a solar drive gate that can be operated using solar energy.

Advantages of Solar Drive Gates

There are several advantages of using solar drive gates. They are built to withstand any weather conditions. Solar energy is natural, renewable and free. Solar energy is collected through a panel and kept with an efficient battery system that stores the energy. This stored energy is then used during the day and also during the night.

Another advantage of solar powered gates is easy installation. Installing solar drive gates in any property is not complicated. It can be installed for the wooden gates, and iron gates or the piped ones. It is also applicable to the swing type or sliding gates.

The solar power can automatically open and close the gate from any distance. This is similar to traditional electric gates but only eco-friendly. Operation of solar drive gates is also easy. It can be operated manually or through the use of remote control or other advanced access system.

Cost Effective Solar Drive Gates

Solar drive gates use solar panels and it stores solar energy during the day. The solar energy is stored using sealed batteries. Ordinary automatic gates can open and close for as many as 110 cycles within the day using the stored solar energy. This system will definitely give you great savings on electricity consumption.

This type of gate can be installed in homes, commercial buildings, warehouses, and other facilities. Solar drive gates are also widely used in farms and ranches where source of electricity is a problem.

Solar Powered Gates by Automatic Gates LLC

Automatic Gates LLC specializes in the installation and maintenance of solar drive gates and other gate automation products. We have solar power systems for both slide and swing drive gates. Our solar panels are sourced from reputable companies in the country so every client is assured that the products we use passed industry certifications and standards. EMX Industries, All-O-Matic, HySecurity are just some of our reliable partners in automatic gate installation especially in our solar powered gate projects.

Our company serves both residential clients and commercial business owners in the Baltimore and Washington areas. Our clients are also assured that we have technicians who are trained in solar powered gate installation. We know where to strategically put the solar panels to maximize its energy producing capabilities. Our team follows a systematic process in installing solar drive gates to ensure it will run smoothly and efficiently.

Ensure convenience and at the same time improved security in your home and properties. Act now if you want to save on energy cost. Contact us for solar drive gate installation.