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Telephone Intercom Systems

An intercom is a communication tool that lets two or more people carry out conversations and/or communications in various rooms of a home, a building, a mall, in an airplane, ship and many more. The audio intercoms and the video intercoms are the two common intercom systems available today. The use and application usually depends on the needs of the homeowner or business owner.

Advantages of Telephone Intercom Systems

Below are the benefits and advantages of having telephone intercom systems in your homes and in your business:

  1. For your home and personal security. It is a great way in monitoring and keeping in touch with your children while they play in the room or checking on them when they are sleeping. It can be used in gates for added security.
  2. Taking care of your elderly. If you still have your parents around and they no longer are able to move up and around, the device will enable you to take care of them and helps you monitor your parent's room should they need your assistance.
  3. Big malls, department and grocery stores benefit the most in using business intercoms. They are able to communicate to both their employees and customers, keeping them up to date on stocks, sales, closing times and many more.

Choosing the Perfect Telephone Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are very important accessories for the homes as well as in the offices. Not too long ago, these very useful telephone intercom systems seemed to be installed only in apartment buildings and mansions. Homeowners and business owners had quickly acknowledged the benefits of intercom system especially the added security and convenience.

Our company offers various telephone intercom systems. You can choose from our wide variety of tools, devices, and models. Choose from the 2-wire broadcast intercoms, 4-wire broadcast intercoms and many more. Products and devices are guaranteed to be compatible with existing telecommunications devices such as DSL connection. We only use industry standard products from cables to phone system.

Reliable Installation of Intercom Systems

Technicians from Automatic Gates LLC are experts when it comes to the installation of intercom systems. We know perfectly where to install the system for better access and avoiding unnecessary clutter in both homes and offices. And for your peace of mind, we will never leave you until your telephone intercom systems are up and running.

Our company is also a specialist when it comes to the repair and maintenance of telephone intercom systems. It doesn't matter whether you have a basic or a more complex set up of intercom systems. We cater to both residential clients and commercial business owners in the Baltimore and Washington areas.

If you have further questions or you wish to schedule a free consultation and estimate, please feel free to contact us or visit our office at 9150 Rumsey Road, A7 Columbia, Maryland. We can give you further details on the various telephone intercom systems available in our showroom. These products are carefully selected to give our clients quality security related products.